Gun: Magnum 44

Gun: Magnum 44

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Beschrijving van Gun: Magnum 44

You want to know the sound of a shot magunum 44.

You can simulate magnum shots just by clicking on the weapon. If you run out of bullets is just click on the charger that charges the 44 magnum again.

√ Great quality of the sound of gunfire.

√ Realistic shot sound

Technical specifications on the .44 magnum gun below is for users who do not know the .44 magnum.

The .44 Magnum delivers a large, heavy bullet with high velocity for a handgun. In its full-powered form, it produces so much recoil and muzzle blast that it is generally considered to be unsuitable for use as a police weapon. Rapid fire is difficult and strenuous on the users' hands, especially for shooters of smaller build or with small hands.

Although marketed as a .44 caliber, the .44 Magnum, and its previous model .44 Special parent, are actually .429-.430 caliber. The .44 designation is a carry over from the early measurements of "heeled" bullets, used in the later 19th century. In those times, bullets were measured on the outside of the cartridge, not the inside of the cartridge.

After the .44 S&W; Russian was developed, the forefather of the .44 Special and thus the .44 Magnum, the measurement of bullet caliber, was taken from inside of the cartridge. Resulting in .429 caliber. Instead of confusing buyers who were used to .44 caliber revolvers, the original .44 designation was kept for market recognition.

Some gun styles are more comfortable to use when shooting this caliber. Many shooters find the rounded grip shape of the single action better for handling heavy recoil than the grip shape of double-action revolvers, which have a shoulder on top of the grip. Many shooters, consider the ideal type of grip for heavy recoiling guns to be the longer "Bisley" style single action grip, and it can be found on single actions from Ruger (models marked "Bisley") and Freedom Arms, as well as many custom makers.

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